Monday, 16 August 2010

A married lady.

Me Arriving, looking nervous!
Not bad for a £35 including alterations dress lol

On 7th August at 2pm I married my wonderful other half, Wayne. After many nerves and sleepless nights we got Married in a small service in front of 40 of our best friends and family. Here are a few pictures of our big day that friends took.

Dannie (My best friend, she gave me away) and I.
I did my own flowers using this vid as a guide .
My hair was done as a wedding gift from my lovely friend Sharon and Dannie did my makeup and nails.

Tara looking so beautiful it made me cry.
She read a speech that she had written herself about myself and my partner, that made EVERYONE (even the men) cry

A Shot of my perfect little family (and Dannie lol).

The cake from Warrens decorated by myself and my Cousin Nicky.

Cutting the cake :-)