Tuesday, 14 October 2008

Happy Birthday Tara!

I cant get my head around the fact that my baby is 10 today! Where does the time go? She was happy with her cards and money this morning, she cant wait to spend it on more crafty stash. She was talking about getting a craftrobo until I told her it was a little out of her price range lol. She is gonna have more stash than me in a moment!

Wayne cracked on and made Tara a lovely Birthday card last night with a little help from me with the robo cut bits. I'm really pround of him. Looks like the whole of my little family have got the craft bug!

Friday, 10 October 2008

I hate wrapping!

Panic Time! Its Tara's 10th Birthday on the 14th of this month and I was starting to worry that We've not wrapped her pressies up yet, well now I really do need to worry because we have decided to give them to her tomorrow instead!!!! Our reason is that her best friend will be here tomorrow and shes not seen her for a year and also she will have the whole weekend to play with her goodies. We have bought her all craft items as this is the only thing she really likes (wonder who she gets that off) I'm still Jealous because she has got an embossing board and I want one! lol
I've been having a bit of a low for the past couple of days so not really had the chance to get much crafting done, I have made a start on Waynes xmas card but I cant show you because he has a nose at my blog from time to time!
I have managed one scrapbook layout and a few xmas cards over the last week or so but i'm soooo fed up with xmas already that I dont really like any of them!

I've entered a card into the challenge on UKS http://www.ukscrappers.co.uk/boards/showthread.php?p=5260251#post5260251

I'm actually quite pleased with how this one turned out.

Wednesday, 1 October 2008

I'm Poorly!

Well I've got a cold and I'm feeling sorry for myself! Wayne is feeling a little better now so he's been looking after me.

I've managed to get a few cards done, I got a new carrier sheet for the Robo, its not a graphtec one its a cheapy from eBay and it works 100% better, its cutting like a dream!

I've even mastered print and cut, it kinda feels like cheating though so I'm not sure on that one yet. Anyway, a few new cards....