Saturday, 29 January 2011

Wedding Album is finished!

I've finally finished making Dannies wedding album so I can show you a few pics. She was really pleased with it.

Monday, 17 January 2011

New Year, New start.

Happy new year everyone! I hope yours has started out better than mine.
I've been a victim of the Governments "cuts" twice already this year. My first blow was receiving a letter from my college stating that Train to Gain funding has been stopped, meaning I will have to fund my NVQ3 in supporting Teaching and learning myself. I thought that I might as well do so seeing as I had been offered my full time dream job starting at Easter and the qualification would be needed. Well the second blow came a few days later. The job offer has been revoked due to the schools budget not increasing this year meaning the school will have 4% less money than expected!
So here I am, Jobless and feeling very sorry for myself.
The only silver lining I can see is the fact I will have lots of scrapping time on my hands!
I'm half way through my Best friends wedding album at the moment but I can't post any pictures because she might be on here having a nose but I will post some soon.
While My blog is looking rather boring at the moment a fellow scrapper by the name of Hazel has a fab blog that is well worth checking out. She is also running her first ever blog candy giveaway and its well worth a look! Just click HERE to go to Hazels blog.