Saturday, 18 April 2009

Summer is coming! (really, it is!)

Well the weather has been on and off but we have had some really lovely days down here in Devon. We all caught the sun on a walk down to Kitley Quay last week. The Easter Hols have been fairly lazy, we have been to the cinema to see monsters V's aliens and popped into town a few times but nothing major.
I've been trying to decide on a way to store my ribbons and decided that the E Z pull ribbon pouch was a good idea but coming in at £20 I decided it was a bit of a rip off! So being a crafter I really had to have a go at making my own. All it is is a makeup bag with holes punched in the vinyl stuff! I did start out putting large eyelets in the holes but soon decided it really didn't need them and that I was prob driving the woman downstairs nuts with all the banging! The ribbon purse works a treat so no more messy ribbons!

I've managed a bit of scrapping over the holiday too, The tooth fairy brought Tara a 12x12 scrapbook that she's been after, the poor little mite had to have 3 teeth out over the last week to make room for others to come through, she was very brave. I've been waiting for some card I ordered to arrive and it has come today so I might try a few more layouts later. I managed to get some nice 12x12 from American crafts from a sponsor on UKS for about 27p per sheet, its a nice card and I can't wait to have a play.
Here is a layout featuring Tara posing that I made earlier.


Kit said...

Love the ribbon bag it looks great. So glad that you managed to find an alternative £20 for something you can make yourself seems a waste, you can spend that on more ribbon :o)

I have added some pictures of my ribbon basket to my blog, but I am prefering your idea :o)

stampin abi said...

Love the ribbon bag what a fab idea!