Sunday, 18 July 2010

Hen Night!

My Hen night last weekend proved to be a night I'll never forget :-) Lots of drinking and dancing, getting handcuffed to a Gothic bloke and great company!!
We started out with a nice meal with lots and lots of vodka shots. Dannie bought me a bag of goodies including a whip and a pink shot glass to wear round my neck lol. We moved on to a club and danced our little socks off. I had a nice surprise when an old friend and some family turned up half way through the evening and we partied until 5.30 the next morning!!
All I can say to everyone that didn't come.... You missed out!


Lisa said...

So Glad you had a good night in the end xxx not long til the big day now eh? xxx

Zigo said...

Congratz on your engagement hun (I clearly have been living under a rock as I did not know of it).

Glad you had an awesome hen party! Hope you and family are well :)

Zigo X