Monday, 29 September 2008

Not going my way!

Today has not been a very good day all round. Wayne has been in bed all day poorly and I have been stressing with the Craftrobo. I cant seem to get it to cut how I want it to cut, If its not coming out looking like the cats had it its cutting in the wrong place. The carrier sheet needs replacing badly, I'm not impressed by the life span of them in the slightest. I'm hoping that when the new ones arrive I'll be able to get back to loving my Robo. I'm starting to worry that I might be solely responsible for the destruction of the rain forest, I'm getting through stacks of card and paper trying to get it to cut. I've decided now that I wont attempt anymore cuts until the new carrier sheets arrive and if that fails I'll buy a new blade and if that fails, its going back to where it came from!

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