Tuesday, 23 September 2008

Tara's Birthday Card

Well its Tara's Birthday in a couple of weeks and I've been looking for inspiration for her card for months now, Its deff proved to be the hardest card I've ever made, I guess its because I want it to be perfect. Well I decided on fashion for a theme and made this last night
The writing on it is done in pink foils using magic-motifs but it was really hard to photograph.
I'm not happy with it at all, I think it looks like a 3 year old threw it together lol
I think I'll try another one once this bloody headache shifts!
Any advice would be gratefully received!

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Becky said...

Hi Becky!! First time I've visited you but it looks like we have a lot in commen, same name, same age, into crafting lol!! Loving your cards, looking forward to seeing what else you create, and how great that you have a Robo!! Lucky you!!
Love Becky xx