Saturday, 6 June 2009

June challenge-Week one

I've joined the team called the scattyscrappers on UKS, This layout has been done for my first challenge,
It features Dannie and some of her great nail art. She has worked so hard on getting her nails to the standard that they are today and its been worth every minute, aren't they great?!
Dannie and I have been friends for
years and the journaling tells of how shes always stood by me no matter what, Love you Dannie xx

This next layout is of Dannie's Kids. The flowers and buttons are made on the Craftrobo. I spent ages layering up card to make them look like real buttons.


Anne said...

Lovely layouts and amazing nails!

Jo Power said...

Love the nails and lovely layouts.

Julia Dunnit said...

Lovely LOs, show off those lovely energetic kids beautifully. BUT - are you sure, hand on heart, that Dannie's old enough to have children that age...she looks fabulously young on the nail art LO. Man I'm such a jealous old bag!

Anonymous said...

ha, I am going to test my thought, your post bring me some good ideas, it's really awesome, thanks.

- Norman