Sunday, 14 June 2009

My Girl

Hi Everyone!
Its been a lovely sunny day here but I've been stuck in bed for half of it with one of my evil headaches, never mind though, I'm feeling better now. I managed to get 2 layouts down last night and I must say that I'm really really pleased with both of them.
I took Tara into town yesterday to get her wellies for her trip at the end of the month, it wasn't an easy task as half the shoe shops have closed down and the ones that are still running are stocked with summer shoes. We did managed to find a lovely trendy pair in the end for £9.99 so we wer
e pleased with that. I grabbed myself some mini stacking drawers from poundland, perfect for storing brads, buttons and double sided tape!


Julie said...

Beautiful Layouts I can never use pink as I have two lads just wish I could use pink.

Julia Dunnit said...

Great the little panel of info about Tara's how that will change!

Mole said...

That first LO is my fave of the two - very classy. Now I'm going to rest my eyes from trying to read the black text on your pink and flowered backgrounds!