Sunday, 7 June 2009

My Little Diva

I think Tara is a bit miffed I've scrapped this photo hehe, I think its a great one of her! She loves being like mummy and getting her makeup on or getting dressed up. I can't say she's ever seen me do the whole salad vegetables on the eyes thing but she's seen it on TV and had been pestering me to have a go. The face pack lasted all of about 1 minute before she laughed and cracked it lol. I got some great shots of her on holiday and as she's the most amazing thing in the world I love scrapping her. I've got nearly 300 pics to be getting on with and most are of Tara so I'll be enjoying my scrapbooking over the next few months!
On this layout I used a couple of rub ons on the edges of the photo to try and break up the plain cream colour of the sofa she is on, I've not used rub ons straight onto a photo before and I'm pleased with the result.


Carmen said...

LOL! Can't think why she would be upset about that photo! I'm surprised you are still alive - my eldest would kill me. ;)

Sam said...

Great LO! I dont think my DD would sit still long enough for beauty treatments!!!

Judith said...

Oh I just love this, it is fab x